Welcome to my Blog

Hi.  My name is Will Pollard, I’m a professional model painter and now blogger I suppose.  On this blog I will be sharing my thoughts on all things related to miniature painting/wargaming and wide assortment of other things.

A little about me:

I paint models.  It started as a hobby, then later it became my job.  I’m not going to tell a bunch of fibs and say that because doing what I love is my job, that it’s good times all the time, but it is pretty cool and I am pretty lucky.

I’ve never won any painting competitions and I’ve done a pretty good job of selling myself short in the past, but my self esteem has pulled itself up by the bootstraps a bit of late, so here I am.

I’ve been into wargaming and model painting for a fair old slice of time; twenty plus years in fact.  A little over three years ago I decided to see if I could make a living at the painting side of things.  It hasn’t been plain sailing and I’m not swimming in cash Scrooge McDuck style, but generally I’m happier than I was and feel like I’m finally making a bit of headway, so that can’t be bad.