A Pirates Life – A Short Story, by Tom of the North

‘The cap’n says you’re to walk the plank, so walk the plank you lily livered swine!’ Belladonna started poking Brock with the tip of her sword, edging him towards the end of the plank and the shark infested waters roiling around the ship. He was beginning to look a little nervous now, all the confidence […]

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Can’t Write, Busy Writing

The gap between my last blog and this one wasn’t meant to be this long; nor was this my intended writing material.  This blog was supposed to be a short story, a Warhammer 40,000 short story and it came about as a direct result of the daily prompt being recommended to me.

I was vaguely aware of the daily prompts, as my bro has written more than a few blogs and short stories based on them, but it wasn’t until he suggested I had a go at them that I ended up there.

The word was ‘Savage’ and I decided that I could build a cool little story around it.

I’m not sure of the exact date, but that must have been about two weeks ago.  I started writing what I intended to be a tight, focused story based around my 40K Ultramarine army and I suppose that’s where it went wrong.

Ultramarines and me go back a long way.  Way before Games Workshop built them up to be ‘Down with the kids’ and pretty much reviled by almost everybody else.  I first latched onto them when I was a nipper and got Space Crusade for Christmas* and they weren’t much different from most other Chapters then.  GW Space Marine love was a wee bit slanted towards Blood Angels, if anything.

Not only have I been sucking up as much Ultramarine background as possible over the years** but I’ve also spent a large portion of that time adding to the backstory of my army and building the characters up, tweaking it here and there, as particularly interesting victories, or defeats came along.

I should’ve known beforehand that the story wouldn’t be as short as I intended to be but I ploughed on regardless.  As a result, I’ve gone from something That I intended to get done in five hundred, to a thousand words, to a story that’s teetering on the edge of four thousand.

A side effect of this, is that it’s now large enough that it’s going to take longer to tidy up, as well as the extra time it took to write, so I’m going to have to shelve it for a smidge. Hopefully then, I can get back to it in a week or so.

* Easily in the top ten of most awesome Christmas presents ever.

**A good deal of it stomach churningly bad.